Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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Due to me having to leave the beloved Siamese Entertainment stable >>> I have found my calling into venturing by my own>>>>

I know its unfortunate, but change was imminent>>>

Lets move ON and GO TO THE NEW BLOG:


Monday, July 11, 2011


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Great news - we have been informed that Soopa Stars - Feel good song has recently been played numerous times in the Big Brother Amplified house past weekend. A bonus to the debuts who just entered their 20s. Soopa Stars, who's been mentored and managed by Bling G Entertainment, has been causing havoc on radio stations whereever they go and are said to be returning soon from their Botswana Tour and readying themselves for a Limpopo one. Look out for their upcoming single coming soon, as it is definitely going cross borders.

image.png FEEL GOOD

On the other side of town, Soopa Stars label mate, Miss Zee, Dropped her anticipated mixtape, R.E.D 7.0, whose single had over 1000 Downloads in just 48hrs of being upped... serious, no jokes.. Her single can be downloaded HERE


While we're on some heat, old classics dont die, especially if they come from CapCity... a track I produced 2008 got a face lift from the original with PdotO, Flex Boogie & RAS to the Roach Inc.\ FGM remix collective, commissioned by our own Dj Khaled called BEATOVEN>>>> get it HERE

The song has been making heatwaves on radio with recent #6 debut entry on Y-fm's hip hop HOT9@9 and #2 on 5-fm's HIPHOP POWERNIGHTS...

Great work indeed if I have to say it myself...

Coming back to CapCity, previously, I sent out mail regarding Skillo's Album Listening session happening on the 16th July 2011. So, this is just reminding you of the event happening coming Saterday with Limited Edition album in stock to be sold for R50.

MaliQ - Nou die las (produced by Trompie)

[from the mixtape I have a Dream]

brought to you by ROSEWOOD films

On the MaliQ tip still, I still appreciate that on his 'RESPECT' interview, he mentioned me as one of the people that push themselves alongside his peers... check out video below >>>

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skillo - eS-Kay I-double eL-O Prelude (Limited edition) [sleeving]

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The whole Mzanzi awaits the drop of this album .... preluding here tho _______

Check the artwork I put together

The Limited Edition will be sold for R50 a pop (50 ZAR)... place yo orders and get it delivered for free at bleksperm@gmail.com

And dont to forget to spare some change later when the album drops!!!

The BAND Academy

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Since most people are still worried about what Im trying to archieve in CapCity, wonder no more cuz its pretty much simple....

A band, various musicians ranging from instrumentalists, backup and lead singers .....

Do best and visit: soundcloud.com/trompie-1

Event: Skillo's Album Listening Session

When: 16 July 2011
Where: Cafe Karizma(formerly Janicky's), Atteridgeville
Time: 17hrs till late
Damage: Warm clothes for charity gets you in!!!

The will later be performances from likes of L-Skillz, Adrenaline Clique, Ghetto youth, My Boba and many more

The Dj line-up will include: Zondi, Blacklight, Voqal, Sumbody, L-Smooth and myself, Trompie

On the Bestest sde, the Limited Edition Album Prelude is going to be sold for 50 ZAR (R 50.00) at the do_______

This is an open invite, tho I prefer RSVP's!!! See you there!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Siamese Entertainment: Apologies, losses, Releases and future

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Well, first off, I wanna send my apologies to those that religiously follow the blog and hope I won't slack on yo'll again..

Got some grief from people that wanted to be removed from the subscription list, but well, thats in the past_____

On a very
sad note, Siamese Entertainment, myself and most importantly, the fa
mily, has lost the co-founder, Edmund 'GADGETBOI' Mahlake, due to illness. It has been a sad loss indeed. He never w
as just my business partner, but a friend, a brother and Im sure more to those that knew him..


A moment (space) of silence

Now lets make HIM proud by mak
ing sure we carry on the Siamese Ent. legacy..

To do that, I have c
ome up with a conceptual group of individuals that will help with making that possible...

They are called: THE BAND ACADEMY (c)

Before we get carried away, lets see what the releases for 2011 will look like:

Music provided to you by Siamese Entertainment from the labels forth-coming winter albums releases... Yes ... 7 albums - 1 indie label....


BoyWonder ft. Skillo single "How you feelin"

A collaboration with s
table mate Skillo really does not go to waste as the two, regardless their rap style difference, go at this joint head on, not forgetting to have fun whilst at it...

Soopa Starrz ft. Ms. Zee "I feel good"

This song has been causing serious damage, unfortunately beyond our shores (SA), with certain African radio stations playlisting it as it hit their number one spot amongst other international acts. So, without waisting any time, lets re-live the moments of this new CLASSIC.

Zone Fam single "Shaka zulu on 'em"

Zone Fam Mini Bio

Zone Fam is the Premiere Hip Hop Group in Zambia. Deriving their name from a studio they frequented in their earlier days 'The Zone' the group consist
s of six emcees that includes The Holstar, Al Kan-I, Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung Verbal and Thugga. The group was formed in 2007 and The Holstar also plays a managerial role.

Zone Fam Officially released their second album single and music video “Shaka Zulu On Em” on the 1st of March 2011. This comes after the success of “Mabhodlela” (Bottles) their first album single that is still Hot on the airwaves. “Shaka Zulu On Em” is about African Pride and paying homage to their roots. It was shot and edited in Lusaka b
y Ground Xero Production Team and Directed by Kenny Mumba for Ground Xero. Shaka Zulu On Em has been received with rave reviews in Zambia and abroad as it is also enjoying airplay on MTV Base Africa's Big Base Beats. Zone Fam’s album; The Business:- Foreign Exchange is now taking shape and is slated for release mid 2011.

You can also follow Zone Fam on:-



Both Singles are available on iTunes:-

Mabhodlela (Bottles)

Shaka Zulu On Em

Zone Fam video "Shaka Zulu On Em" on Youtube

Press Release

Fast forward to the NOW from YESTERDAY--


Oxy,The Alliance,Cryogenic,Ribcage Infamy,Mmusa The Commissioner - The Bumpdigidy RoachInc./FGM Remix

Since this is a bootleg version of the original I produced in '09, with no sleeve pic, its still hold's its own regarding street anthems. Commissioned by my fellow Dj, BeatOven,
this has set the bar high for those that come with street anthems in the Capital (CapCity). This boy re
ally knows how to get mixtapes together... nuff respek!!!

The two above joints are just off-cuts of what else I did when I DO HAVE TIME, but the truth will be revealed soon as I get my head around whats what...

(click on the track names to download)

Afro Jazz:

Nombongo - Ntombazana [Instro Remix]

She's been known to feature on a lot of hip hop tracks coming from the Capital (CapCity once more guys...get it pls)... Mamacita's cousin... and now she is ready to spread her wings by releasing her long awaited album (through Siamese Entertainment of course) that will most definitely sooth your soul and take you to other dimensions...

So lets not hesitate to support... yo boy's back!!!